ACB Connects 2021-3
April 11, 2021,  4PM Eastern
“How To Produce Successful Virtual Performances: Tips from The US Army Field Band”


This is the third session in an ACB Connects! series on Virtual Concerts. This session will cover relevant topics for ACB bands, including simple vs. professional equipment, leveraging social media, maximizing viewership and engagement, copyright considerations, marketing, partnerships, and much more.

Col. Jim Keene and his US Army Field Band team have created over 350 virtual performances in the past year alone. ACB is pleased to be collaborating with the US Army Field Band on this important discussion.

 Col. (Ret.) Tom Rotondi 
MSG Brian Sacawa
Strategic Communications
MSG Jared Morgan, Video Production & Execution
MSG Jared Morgan
Video Production & Execution
MSG Matthew Gunderson, Copyright
MSG Matthew Gunderson
Col. Jim Keene
SFC Pamela Daniels, Role of the Producer
SFC Pamela Daniels
Role of the Producer
SFC Selena Maytum Marketing & Partnerships
SFC Selena Maytum 
Marketing & Partnerships
SFC Sarah Schram-Borg, Marketing & Partnerships
SFC Sarah Schram-Borg
Marketing & Partnerships


 Links mentioned during the session include:


Army Field Band Virtual Classroom and other links