Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music (HEBM)

What is the Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music?

The Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music is a working, active, historic, and scholarly document that chronicles every known concert band work and composer.

Subscribers have complete access to:

  1. over 24,500 composers listings and biographies
  2. over 181,000 searchable works
  3. More than 4,200 program notes
  4. constantly updated information

Research is ongoing, with HEBM editors constantly adding new composers and updating and expanding data. The value of this encyclopedia, therefore, is that a tremendous amount of information is now available for the first time.

In general, there are two types of music represented: (1) music composed expressly for band, and (2) music first composed for other instrumentations and later adapted for band use. Lists of composers' works are not limited to music that is currently available; that is covered by other publications. Rather, this encyclopedia is an historical record, and the advantages are many indeed. Thanks to the considerable efforts of the author and contributors (and often the editor), hundreds of biographies of obscure composers are included.

What is different for Association of Concert Band Members?

The only difference is the price.  Association of Concert Bands  members (including Organizational) may purchase a subscription to the Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music for $5 per year (calendar year). This is a 50% discount from the Heritage annual subscription price. Access will be for the calendar year for which membership was purchased. Upon purchase of the HEBM subscription, you will be issued an ID and password. 

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