D. Walter Hinz Philanthropic Award

The Association of Concert Bands is made up of individuals and businesses representing every walk of life, the common bond being a love of concert band music. This award was established to recognize the philanthropy of individuals who provide significant financial assistance to select members of ACB. Recipients are chosen upon recommendation and approval by a majority of the ACB Board of Directors. The award was renamed by the Board of Directors in May 2023 in honor of D. Walter Hinz for his generous contributions to ACB when he was a member, as well as his bequest to the association. 


1999 -  Jim Christensen
1999 -  Warren Barker
1999 -  Herb Schultz
1999 -  Norm Plumb
2000 -  Walter E. Volkwein
2002 -  Dr. William Dawson
2015 -  Diane Bergholtz