Find-A-Band Directory

  • This Find-A- Band Directory lists bands that are members of Association of Concert Bands and have chosen to participate in this directory. 
  • The directory is  searchable by Band Name, City, State, or you can enter your location and it will sort the bands by distance.
  • The purpose of the directory is to provide a little more information than just a website for musicians looking to find bands to play with or to easily compare multiple bands in the same area to find the band that is right for them. This directory does not list all of our members, so you may want to look at both lists, especially if not finding a band in your area with the searchable directory.
  • For all Association of Concert Bands member bands see here (also includes a map of all members, and links to band websites)
  • The Map below will show band names and websites of those participating in the Find-A-Band Directory  if you wish to search that way. 
  • If you are prompted to log in to use the directory, select "cancel" and you will be brought to search page.
  • If you are a member band and need to add  or update your information, login to your account use the "Update Find-A-Band Directory" link from the Members Only Menu. 
  • Bands for whom the current years dues have not yet been received or processed will not appear in the searchable directory.
This map is not the Find-A-Band Directory, but it a tool to use for those who wish to use it.  The information about the bands are found in the directory.  To use the map: zoom in and pan around to where you are looking. When you click on the map pin it will give you the name of the band and their website. Some pins may have more than one band associated with it, so you may need to click next.  To find more information about the band, enter their name in the searchable directory.

map as of  September 9, 2020
Bands that have not renewed their membership for 2020 as of the above date are not shown in the map. 
If they renewed their dues after that date their information WILL appear in the directory.  The pin on the map will updated at a future date. 
If the map is not visible on your device, you may access it here