March 7, 2021, 4pm Eastern
Planning for Virtual Collaborations

“Planning for Virtual Collaborations” will begin a multi-part series on Virtual Concerts. In this session, the ACB Team will present considerations for music selection, how to get the necessary rights (print and synchronization), creating files to give to the musicians and suggested guidelines for recording at home.
  • Welcome and comments by ACB President Susan Sands
  • Presentation of Music Considerations by ACB Board Member and Music Director of the Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band Tom Seaton
  • Presentation of Copyright Considerations by ACB Membership Chair Sarah McElfresh
  • Presentation of Technical Considerations by Musician and Virtual Tech Artist for Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band Scott Hosner
  • Session Moderator: ACB President-Elect Gail Brechting


tom seatonTom Seaton is a member of the ACB Board of Directors and has been the music director of the Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band since 2003. He is a 1990 graduate of California State University Northridge as a performance major on clarinet and received his Master of Science in Arts and Letters Degree in 1998 through the American Band College at Southern Oregon University. Seaton has been a music educator since 1990 and is currently teaching 7-12th grade music at Creative Connections Arts Academy in North Highlands, CA.

Sarah McElfreshSarah McElfresh is the National Membership Chair for ACB as well as the webmaster and chair of the Young Composers Composition Contest. She currently plays the Euphonium with the Peninsula Concert Band in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. She has been involved with community bands in several states for almost 40 years having started by carrying the banner in parades at a young age before becoming a musician. Sarah also founded the Heart of Virginia Community Band in central Virginia with her husband Scott.

hosnerScott Hosner is a trombone player in the Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band and produces all of their virtual performance projects. He grew up in Sacramento, CA and currently works for the state of California as a healthcare educator and analyst. His hobbies include 3D animation and music performance, which have lent greatly to the success of the RCRCCB during the pandemic.

Our moderator for the session is Gail Brechting. Gail is president-elect for the Association of Concert Bands and the music director of the West Michigan Concert Winds.

Sources to find Adaptable and Flex Titles

Some Public Domain Music Sources:

Information about copyright

Licensing your website for on demand audio or streaming 
when hosting files on your webserver

Creative Commons License grants some Permissions

Some Entities that handle some of these rights

 Information about production of video ensembles

Software and Web Resources Mentioned


Slides from the presentations by Tom Seaton and Sarah McElfresh