ACB Rolls out Auto Renew for Individual and Family Members

Starting with the 2024 Membership year, ACB is implementing Auto Renewal of Payment for Individual and Family memberships. Many have asked for the ability to provide credit card information and have ACB membership annually renewed automatically. This feature is not available for Corporate, Student, or Organization memberships. International members, please note that the laws of your country may not allow you to participate in auto renew.

What You Need to Know

In November 2023, you will receive your renewal notice. If you use the online Renew Form to provide your credit card payment for your 2024 membership, you will notice the auto renew box is already checked. You must uncheck the box if you do not wish to enroll in auto renew. If you also purchase HEBM (Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music), that too will be automatically renewed.

auto-renew checked

Before you continue with the renewal form by hitting "next" at the bottom of the contact information page, you will be prompted to be sure the auto renew setting is as you want it to be.

before hit next text

On the review page, you will also be shown what setting you have chosen for auto renew. "true" means you are enrolled in auto renewal. "false" means you are not.

auto renew confirmation page

If you wish to see if you are enrolled in auto renew, it can be done by logging into your ACB Member Profile in the Member Area of the ACB website. Also important to note is that ACB will not have access to your credit card information, it will be encrypted and stored with the payment processor.

set to autorenew

If you renew your dues by clicking on the link in the email directly to your invoice and pay from there, you will not be enrolled in auto renew.

If at some point in the future you wish to unenroll from auto renew you may fill out the Renew online form between November 1st and December 15th and uncheck the auto renew box or contact Sarah McElfresh ([email protected] or 757-874-9270) and she can unenroll you.

2025 and Beyond

During the ACB membership renewal cycle all members will receive the same renewal notice on November 1st. If you are already enrolled in auto renew your credit card will be charged on December 31st. When the card is charged, you will receive either an email receipt or a notification if the card was not accepted and how to correct that.

When you pay the invoice for your 2024 membership and enroll in auto renew, the first year of automatic renewal will actually be your 2025  membership.

New Joining Members and Lapsed Members
The auto renew feature will be available for new joining members this October as that is when we start dues payments for NEW members for the next calendar year.

Lapsed members (whose membership expired prior to 2023) will have the option to enroll in auto renew at the time they reactivate their membership.

Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah McElfresh ([email protected] or 757-874-9270) with any questions about this feature.

This is an exciting new development for ACB! We hope you enjoy the convenience.