Sample Convention Schedule

Each Association of Concert Bands convention is unique, yet preserves many of the same traditions. A typical convention schedule would be:

  • Wednesday evening concert or other local event
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday mornings convention band rehearsals
  • Thursday, Friday afternoon clinics and other events
  • Thursday, Friday evening concerts by selected performing bands
  • Saturday evening concert featuring the ACB convention band
  • Receptions every evening
  • Association meetings scheduled throughout the week

Each convention is hosted by an ACB Member Band and provides an opportunity to showcase the band’s local area. The means that the convention is in a different city each year, and performance venues and local tours will vary each year. Please click on the links below to look at the Convention Schedule from the May 2011 ACB Convention and  the Convention Program Booklet from the April 2014 ACB Convention.

  Sample Convention Program Booklet (from 2014) (12070 KB)

 Sample Convention Schedule (From 2011) (515 KB)