ACB Connects 2021-3
March 14, 2021,  4PM Eastern
Virtual Concerts: Nuts & Bolts of Video Production


This is the second session in a series on Virtual Concerts. In this session, “Virtual Concerts: Nuts & Bolts of Video Production,” the topics addressed will relate to the technical production, software, and issues involved in taking the musician audio and visual files and turning them into a video virtual concert.

Scott HosnerScott Hosner is a trombone player in the Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band and produces all of their virtual performance projects. He grew up in Sacramento, CA and currently works for the state of California as a healthcare educator and analyst. His hobbies include 3D animation and music performance, which have lent greatly to the success of his band during the pandemic.

Sarah McElfresh will be on hand for a reminder about copyright and to answer any questions.  Sarah is the ACB National Membership Chair.

Our moderator for the session is Tom Seaton. Tom is the Musical Director of the Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band and is an ACB Board member.

 Software demonstrated during the session

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