Blueprint for Starting and Maintaining Community Bands 

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This document contains suggestions, sample forms, documentation, and procedures for starting, organizing, and maintaining a community band.  This will most commonly be a band of adult and/or excellent high school musicians who have a love of band music and want to continue nurturing skills they started and developed earlier in life.

 The suggestions and guidance are extensive.  The amount of detail might appear ominous to someone new at starting and leading the development of a community instrumental group.  However, not all of the suggestions, organizational models, and administrative offices are necessary for many start-up groups.  Take what you need and can use at the start-up and grow into other phases of organizational nuances as the ensemble, audiences and community opportunities develop.  Use some pages as templates, but adapt to your specific situations.  Hopefully, "the next steps" for you will be available and applicable to you as you need them.