This is the email that was sent to the membership on July 17, 2023 where partner bands were announced.

Hello ACB Members and ACB Member Bands! 
We hope this email finds you well!  The ACB Convention Team has some VERY EXCITING news for you! The ACB Board of Directors has unanimously approved a new Convention Model:

“The Association of Concert Bands will have complete ownership of future annual conventions, including providing financial commitment and liability for all contracts. The ACB Board of Directors shall be in charge of executing future conventions.”

What does this mean for your band?

This means that all future conventions will be financed by the ACB. The Association of Concert Bands will assume the labilities, sign pertinent contracts AND we will offer your band $5,000.00 to partner with us, in appreciation of help we will need from YOU, as our Partner Band.

We are currently seeking Partner Bands to participate beginning in 2025.  We would like to be in discussion for future sites up to the next 5 years. One of our goals is to provide our members with annual Conventions that encompass broader regions in the United States.

What is expected of the Partner Band?

Responsibilities will include:

  •  Suggest venues/hotels for the Convention to be held
  •  Provide volunteers throughout the dates of conventions to help with various aspects of the Convention, including but not limited to: registration desk, stagehands, ushers, clinic/concert badge identifiers, reception overseers, performing band greeters, clinician, conductor and composer greeters, management team helpers, etc.) This may require up to
    20 volunteers/day.
  • Provide and transport percussion equipment and music stands to borrow during the Convention
  • Provide tour ideas to the ACB Convention Committee
  • Seek and secure local vendors for the Convention
  • Seek and secure an on-site local instrument repair person to provide services throughout the Convention
  • Perform as an ACB Member Band at the Convention
  • Seek live music for 1-evening reception (ACB will pay fees for live performance)
  • Designate a representative(s) of your organization to meet at predetermined times with the Project Manager via Zoom and at the Convention Hotel

Here are some considerations the ACB Convention Committee is seeking when collaborating with a Partner Band. Please make sure you have this information before submitting your inquiry:

  1. Your Band’s Board support of being a potential Partner Band
  2. Your Band’s Membership “buy-in” of volunteering during the Convention
  3. Suggested affordable venue (hotel/performance/clinic space) in your area
  4. A location that has airport accessibility
  5. A strong leader in your band designated to meet weekly (via Zoom)

If you would like your band to be considered as a Partner Band for a future ACB Convention, please follow the link below and fill out the form. Once received, someone from the Convention Committee will reach out to you.

 For more information about ACB Conventions, please visit our website. We are also looking for people to help with planning future conventions. If you are interested in becoming part of our Convention Resource Pool, please click on this form.

 If you have any questions in the meantime, please email Amy J. Steiner, Project Manager, ACB Conventions at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!!!
The ACB Convention Committee