Shellenberger's Letters


Judy Shellenberger was ACB's President from April 2011 through April 2013.

These are the letters she wrote to members which appeared in  "President's Message" section of The Journal of the Association of Concert Bands. These letters represent Judy's vision of ACB and include long and short term goals and the strategy to reach them.

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Shaping our future

Shellenberger-June2011 Shellenberger-June2011 (118 KB)

Our Search for Recognition

Shellenberger-October2011 Shellenberger-October2011 (115 KB)

ACB’s Outreach Goals

Shellenberger-February2012 Shellenberger-February2012 (123 KB)

Enriching lives through music

Shellenberger-June2012 Shellenberger-June2012 (137 KB)

Finding Respect

Shellenberger-October2012 Shellenberger-October2012 (111 KB)

Attitude is Everything

Shellenberger-February2013 Shellenberger-February2013 (115 KB)

Judy Shellenberger, ACB President 
April 2011 to April 2013