ACB Awards Nomination Process

Nomination Process for the ACB Outstanding Conductor Award and the Herbert L. & Jean Schultz Mentor Ideal Award are below; or download a printable version from the following PDF link

ACB Awards Nomination Process ACB Awards Nomination Process (93 KB)

ACB Outstanding Conductor Award Nomination Process

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Ten years consistent membership in the Association of Concert Bands, this may include personal and/or ensemble membership
  2. Five consecutive years as the Music Director/Conductor of an ACB member band
  3. Demonstrated excellence as a musical leader.
  4. The ensemble or the conductor must be a current member of the ACB

To demonstrate the qualifications:

  1. Programs from 7 concerts over the past 4 years.
  2. An mp3 including at least 40 minutes of live concert recordings. Included at least one classic march, one widely recognized classic original wind band work, one classic orchestral transcription, and one work composed for wind band in the past 15 years.
  3. Three letters of recommendation written by band directors/outstanding recognized musicians, Three letters of recommendation written by members of the conductor's band.
  4. The conductor's one page biography, and full resume
  5. The applying band's "biography" and website address.
  6.  Either an electronically submitted video from a performance in the past year (Youtube public or private is acceptable) or an ACB convention performance from the past three years (prior to the date of application).
  7. Evidence of significant contributions to the Community Band Movement including contributions to the mission of the Association of Concert Bands.

Applications will be kept on file for three years. There is no need to reapply in this time period.

Current ACB Board Members or Officers are not eligible for recommendation

Applications for the award that will be presented at the annual ACB National Convention must be received by October 15th. Submit recommendation to the Committee for consideration at the address given below:

ACB Outstanding Conductor Award Selection Committee
c/o Mrs. Gail A. Brechting
15310 Oak Point Dr.
Spring Lake, MI 49456
(616) 847-8800

Herbert L. & Jean Schultz Mentor Ideal Award Nomination Process

This award recognizes exceptional teachers who have inspired their students to achieve success as outstanding concert band musicians. There is no definite list of criteria other than a candidate’s qualifications shall show a pattern of teaching success over several years. A candidate’s resume should include teaching qualifications, several written recommendations from former students and/or colleagues and the area in which the teacher excelled such as university, secondary school, privately or in the capacity as conductor. Also, the resume should include the areas in which his/her students excelled. Candidates need not be members of ACB, and more than one award may be presented in any one year. Resumes will be kept on file and may be considered in future years. Recipients will be notified by phone or mail. Awards are typically presented at the annual ACB convention.

Nominations may be received from any source and at any time. They should be directed to any committee member:

Delbert A. Eisch
Committee Chair
315 Wilnette Spring Dr.
Racine, WI 53405

Noah A. Lee
5225 S. Prince St. #409
Littleton, CO 80123

Leland A. Lillehaug
5275 Grandview Sq. Unit #3113
Edina, MN 55436

Andy Isca 
770 Joyner Rd
Grayson, LA 71435

Chris Wilhjelm 
74 Ridge Rd
Glen Rock, NJ 07452


Allen E. Beck Leadership Award Nomination Process

The Allen E. Beck Leadership Award was created in memory of Allen E. Beck (ACB President 2005-2007), in order to recognize his leadership, not only within ACB, but in the world of concert band music. He influenced the direction of ACB during his tenure as President, and he brought more awareness to our mission and led commissions for new concert bands works. The catalyst for this award was his passing in 2016.

This award is given to those who showed exceptional Leadership within ACB and by furthering the mission of ACB, which is to foster excellence in Concert Band music through performance, education and advocacy.

Nominating process and criteria

  • Candidates must be members of ACB.
  • Suggested Nomination should include qualifications: How this person demonstrated Leadership within ACB to influence direction and accomplish organization’s goals, and what this person has done to foster excellence in concert band music and support of community/concert bands to directly further ACB’s mission. Letters of support will be requested if the nomination goes to committee.
  • Criteria: The highest level of Leadership over a period of several years and demonstrated outcomes for ACB.

Recommendation and formal nomination for the Beck Award by the Awards Committee will be submitted to the President for consideration by the Board of Directors. This ACB award requires approval of the ACB Board.