Music Repertoire Data

This page contains links to different sets of information pertaining to music that is performed.  Some of these are public information, others are only available to our members.  If something is members only, it will be indicated with an *, and you will be prompted to login to the members area. 

Music Performed at Conventions (1979-2018)*

Music Performed at Convention Music Performed at Convention (230 KB)

Music Commissioned by or written for Community Concert Bands

ACB Member Joshua Long has compiled a list of 236 compositions that were commissioned by or written for community band. Joshua, Director of the Bellefonte Community Band and Penn State University Graduate Student, compiled this list of community band compositions as part of his graduate work during the summer of 2015.  These titles come from his call for titles to members of the Community-Music list, research, and talking to people in the community band movement.  His database is provided here as a resource to members of ACB looking for compositions that were aimed at community bands.  The database can be downloaded here with the following information – Title, Composer, Band, Location, Purpose of the commission, Year, and Publisher.  
If your band has commissioned a piece or you are aware of other titles commissioned for or by community bands, please provide the information by completing the form here. With these additions and others, Josh will periodically provide updates to the database. Look for more information about his project in the ACB Journal June 2016 issue.

Music Commissioned by Community Band Database Music Commissioned by Community Band Database (68 KB)

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