Robert Foster, Advisory Council Member, publishes book

Robert Foster, ACB Advisory Council member, publishes a book on the history of wind bands from their early days to the present.  "Wind Bands of The World: Chronicle Of A Cherished Tradition"

From the Press Release:
"Delray Beach, Florida (June, 2013) Meredith Music is proud to announce the publication of  Wind Bands of The World: Chronicle Of A Cherished Tradition  by  Robert E. Foster. ISBN 978-1-57463-156-2. This engaging text presents a comprehensive  history of the wind band from its earliest days to today.  The author’s narrative describes the development of instruments, musicians, composers, conductors, and the music itself, tracing in chronological order, virtually every aspect of the growth of bands that has led to today’s outstanding ensembles. A must read for musicians and for those interested in 
music and history."