The Association of Concert Bands sponsors several awards to recognize individuals for outstanding musical contributions to concert bands. 

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This award was the idea of Dr. Herbert L. Schultz (ACB President 1984-85) who felt a need to recognize exceptional teachers who have inspired their students to achieve success as outstanding concert band musicians. The catalyst for this award was the first recipient Ernest S. Williams.

There is no definite list of criteria other than a candidate’s qualifications shall show a pattern of teaching success over several years. A candidate’s resume should include teaching qualifications, several written recommendations from former students and/or colleagues and the area in which the teacher excelled such as university, secondary school, privately or in the capacity as conductor. Also, the resume should include the areas in which his/her students excelled. Candidates need not be members of ACB, and more than one award may be presented in any one year. Awards are typically presented at the annual ACB convention.


1994 Ernest S. Williams
1994 Harvey Phillips
1995 Donald E. McGinnis
1995 Sigurd Rascher
1995 Hale A. VanderCook
1996 Walter R. Beeler
1996 Hubert E. Nutt
1997 Paul Lavalle
1999 Harry Begian
2000 Leonard B. Smith
2001 John "Ned" Mahoney
2002 Donald Hunsberger
2002 Noah A. Lee

2003 Leland A. Lillehaug
2005 Herbert L. Schultz
2006 Raoul F. Camus
2007 Myron Welch
2008 Ray Crisara
2009 Tim Lautzenheiser
2010 Edwin Melichar
2011 Robert W. Krueger
2012 Donald Cantwell
2013 Bruce Ammann
2014 Jack White
2015 Tommy Guilbert
2016 Craig Hamilton


The Association of Concert Bands is made up of individuals and businesses representing every walk of life, the common bond being a love of concert band music. This award was established to recognize the philanthropy of individuals who are capable of providing significant financial assistance. Recipients are selected upon recommendation and approval by a majority of the Board of Directors.


1999 Jim Christensen
1999 Warren Barker
1999 Herb Schultz
1999 Norm Plumb
2000 Walter E. Volkwein
2002 Dr. William Dawson
2015 Diane Bergholtz


President Donald Hardisty initiated the President’s Award in 1986. The award was established to recognize individuals, who according to the President, have significantly contributed to the success of the organization. The President selects the recipients. In 1996, President Ronald Keller presented and renamed the award in honor of Leland A. Lillehaug.


1986 J. Edward Hacker
1987 Theodore W. Paschedag
1988 Donald M. Hardisty
1989 Noah A. Lee
1990 Herbert L. Schultz
1991 Delbert A. Eisch
1993 Walter Volkwein
1994 David McIlhatten
1995 Andy Isca
1996 Leland A. Lillehaug
1997 Howard Habenicht
1997 Nada J. Vencl
1998 Ronald J. Keller
1999 Richard E. Hord
2000 John Tucker

2001 Charles Sessions
2001 Mike Montgomery
2002 Gerald Guilbeaux
2003 James Christensen
2004 Daniel Hinz
2005 Delbert A. Eisch
2007 Mike Montgomery
2009 Deirdre Nalven
2009 Judith Shellenberger
2010 Col. Arnald D. Gabriel
2012 Nancy Michalek
2013 Donna Caneen
2014 Delbert A. Eisch
2015 James Caneen
2016 Sarah McElfresh


Initiated by the ACB Board of Directors in 2010, this award was created to acknowledge an ACB member conductor for their conducting skills, musicality, community contributions, educational foresight and ACB dedication.  


2010 Pam Potter
2012 Dr. Christian Wilhjelm

Nomination Process: To see the nomination process, click here

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